Something updated (03/30/2014)

                                              Grass and horse manure intake.
Horse manure from neighbors. Leaves and grass clippings in far pile.

On left is a begaining pile 1 month old, middle is 2 months old, end pile is 5 months old unscreened.

Making compost:

Everyone is puting in gardens now a days. My front loader works out to be 34 percent of a cubic yard, 3 level loads is a cubic yard. It takes about 15 loads to move one pile of compost and I do that once a month for 7 months. Lot of work, but compost turns out great. Right now I have 6 piles cooking, spring 2013. Like I said neighbor deliver horse manure daily. All summer I save grass cuttings on 1 1/2 acre of bermuda grass, see below. Then lots of leaves in the fall to mix with grass. I keep grass and manure separated until I have enough to make a 30í long piles, 4í to 5' tall, of mixed material. I then soke with portable sprinkler. In two weeks I move the new pile and soak again. The piles get a born date. As the piles age they shrink about 1/3 in size. Compost with same born dates can be mixed together. If horses move Iíll go back to making compost from my grass by itís self. Iíll remove the borders around the cooking area and add to spare dirt pile, down sizing operation.

Another use for compost is fertilizer for trees.

Picked up a Lawn Sweep this last fall. Leaves, grass clippings is what I started with. Watering piles down to help compost process. Mixing the pile when it gets moved. I've had an added benefit from neighbors moving in with horses. I'm getting a substantial mix of saw dust, horse manure, with alfalfa hay.

Lawn sweep.  John Deere Lawn Sweep

4' x 10' Raised Garden, 10' x 10' UV Shade

Moving raised garden into backyard.

360 seating area, expanded steel floor, covered with garden cloth.