Something updated (01/27/2013)






Shop move to machine room. Tan area on right below.

Shop machines moving to single car garage (tan area), above. Left side (blue) existing.

 Right now I'm in half a double car garage. Lots of crowding below.

Shop area is left of double car garage, about 20' x 20', machine room with it's own garage door, far left.

First things first, adding sub panel for Ductless heat pump and machine room. Start at 200 amp panel, 1 1/2" conduit up and around and over. A Ductless Heat Pump. I'll run condenser power to outside wall. Then run both high, low copper tubing, condensate line, control cables and mount inside units. All connections left ready for installer.

Cross over to beam, then straight shot to garage shop.

Precut pipe, then slide wire and mount to rafters, works for me.

Through wall, down to 100 amp sub, mounted behind door.

Running 4 - 6 gage (red, white,black, green), Neutral to it's own buss. Door to left, entrance to machine room. See drawing above.

Sub panel not HOT.

Big change!

 Finally started conduit runs. This was my first conduit bends, ever, Pipe bender stand.. Running 1" EMT. Small problem is, running 6-12 gage and 3-10 gage, wires through box center above door into tool room. Once in tool room, wires split 3-12 gage to the left, 3-12 and 3-10 gage the to the right, all 1" EMT.

This is good, I'm checking out how I'm going to run conduits.

The plan... straight through the wall over door, run conduit left and right around room.

This is an air jack on the left, far right is water drain down on North side of room. Test on system went perfect, installed 6 air jacks with 1/2" copper pipe.

This is the Man Cave. All tools are on wheels in shop, see bench builds.

More to come.